2016 Beauty Show國際美容展




Munmun was participated in Beauty Show & Industry Forum on Aug.2nd~ 3rd  in Taipei.

At the same time, our product, natural organic series mask, released officially. Many international professionals are attracted by our special package . The famous illustrator’s pattern with flowers in the background fully demonstrated overall brand image. The brilliantly simple product name also makes one look to understand its functionality. Through our clearly explain, more experts  surprised at specialized technology. Our cloth mask is made by natural feather velvet technology -obedient, good for the skin to absorb and safe. It is suitable for the whole family using. As for the mask ingredient, extracts from natural organic which is certified by Ecocert! Each kind of ingredient with different effect, you can choose the most suitable mask according to your skin. Choose Munmun, high quality skin will never be a dream! No matter professional or original people, once who has come to the exhibition is admire Munmun and exchanges a lot of valuable advice and experience. Therefore, we take more steps towards further internationalization. Here we solemnly thank Munmun’s fans showed up to support us. We are so honored and very appreciate of the opportunity to meet and interact with you. In fact, a lot of fans are reflected they would like to come, but they have to go to school and work.Don’t worry, fans of Munmun! After  there, it must be more opportunities to meet with you in the future. After these days, I believe that   Munmun will be more progressive, more robust!